Breakfast anyone?

Breakfast was the meal that gave me the most trouble. I could never figure out what to do without eggs… It was like I lost all ideas for a good breakfast. The normal things were the first things I thought of… Oatmeal, cornmeal mush, dry cereal, fried mashed potato patties. But those foods were not holiday friendly. As well as the fact that without dairy, or almond milk, there wasn’t enough protein in it.

So I fell back on my usual answer. Look at other cuisine/diets. Off to the Internet I went, searching around for some new ideas for breakfast.
Wikipedia first! Obviously enough… Over half of them were bread served with milk, or milk teas. But then there were other ideas mixed in. Soup seams to be a somewhat common breakfast food. Next to bread and milk.
I was reminded of times when I was little, and we would eat pea, or lentil soup for breakfast. Somehow we moved away from that as I got older. But! Why not move back to that now? So on it goes to the list of things we can eat.
Next it was off to google, to see what the world had to say about breakfast. One of the first things I found out was this: Lots of people had the same problem I did. Never knowing what to put on the menu for breakfast.
However while some of them were just sticking to muffins, and cereals with milk alternatives.  Others were saving me the work of creating recipes! Ah the wonders of the Internet.

1.  Biscuits and gravy
I felt like I would never be able to have it again. And while I’ll never have gluten biscuits, and dairy filled wheat filled gravy… What I can have is something that looks close, and tastes good.
Thanks to these guys, with a few changes we have another breakfast! Though probably the best biscuit recipe to date is here.
2.  Tea, and GF Walnut cranberry muffins
Who said every one had to be perfectly healthy? Not me. Delicious, simple wonderful meal. Mostly healthy… More healthy if you use honey!(except… Rachel’s allergic to honey.) Makes everyone happy to have a nice warm muffin waiting for them when they wake up.
3.  Split pea soup
You have to cook it the day before because it takes a while. But in the end it’s worth it!
4.  Congee (Rice porridge)
I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before. Its good with fish, or other meats, and vegetables. Perfect breakfast to have with a little green tea! No milk or sugar needed.

As always if you can’t eat anything above, or need more ideas. Message or comment, and we’ll see what we can come up with!

~ Sara

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