Lets talk about Mayonnaise shall we? So… Egg allergies take away one of my favourite burger condiments, mayonnaise. I’m sure allot of other people have been annoyed by this too.
We found an egg free mayonnaise, and though it had soy, Rachel doesn’t really eat allot of mayonnaise anyway. But I quickly learned that it had turmeric in it. Which is another thing I am allergic to.
It just so happens its commonly put under ‘seasonings’ on the ingredients list. Which is oh so wonderful. But back to our topic!

Mayonnaise… What is exactly in a good mayonnaise? Well… Lets take a look at some basic things always found in normal everyday mayo.
The two main ingredients are Eggs(specifically the yolks), and either vinegar, or lemon juice.
Pretty simple? Yes! However just this… Probably won’t taste the same as what you buy at the store. Nor will it look like it, depending on where you buy it.
I’m sure some of you buy some kind of organic brand called; ‘just mayonnaise’ or something equally amazing. But you know what I’m talking about too, so stop being so snarkey for a moment!
Most mayonnaise from the store will have sugar, or corn syrup in it, as well as billions of ‘seasonings’ they so nicely label as just that. And personally… I like to know more about what I’m eating than that. So weather or not you have the allergies, if your like me, you might try to make it at home a few times anyway!

So… Due to the problem I went hunting around, and I found a few good looking recipes! I can’t wait to try them out!

Egg, Dairy, Mustard, and turmeric free!
A Gluten-Free Day
Soy, Egg, Dairy, Mustard, and turmeric free!
Gluten-Free Goddess

I hope this helps!
If you can’t eat anything above, or need more ideas. Message or comment, and we’ll see what we can come up with!

~ Sara
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